Mar Foods is a Peruvian company founded in 1994, which main activity is the trading, import and export of frozen seafood, with the firm commitment to supply the best quality available to their clients.

We have a selected supplier network of Frozen Seafood from Peru, and other latinamerica countries, with a long experience in the international market, and high standard certified products, leadership with many years of experience and reliability to fulfill all our commitments.

Since 2007 we started to import Frozen Seafood to Peru, specially for the retail market and wholesalers. In 2010 we started to pack some products with export quality standards, to be sold into the local Peruvian market, with higher quality standards and BRC Certification.


We are also suppliers of Peruvian Frozen Seafood products to some retail chains in Colombia, Chile and Argentina, with retail brands and also packer´s brands.

Our client´s network allow us to sell to important restaurant chains in the U.S. Through our clients in Europe we also sell retail brands of main Supermarket chains.

The wide variety of fishing products in Peru allow us to have a large list of Frozen Seafood to offer, however we are focused in products that have shown good demand and availability for fishing or getting them from aquaculture, like : Farmed and ocean shrimp, Scallops, Mahi-Mahi, Squid (Loligo and Giant).

We have strategic alliances with main packers and farmers of these products, that we can get along the shore of the South American Pacific Ocean.